Jennifer Daniel
Certified Massage Therapist



Are you stressed?  Does your body hurt?  Are you looking to increase your athletic performance?  Whatever your goal, massage can help!
When our bodies are injured or under prolonged stress, our tissues become contracted and tense.  These shortened muscles and fascia lead to pain, reduced range of motion and overall difficulty in day to day activities.  The goal of massage is to address the imbalances in the body, lengthening contracted tissue, bringing circulation and ease to areas that are hungry for nutrients, and creating an ease in mobility which we refer to as "economy of motion", basically, making it take less energy to do what we need to do throughout the day so we still have energy to do what we LOVE to do!
Over the last 18+ years, I have had the pleasure of working with a diverse population to create sessions to meet each client's wellness goals through a broad variety of massage techniques.  Whether you are wanting deeper work to relieve trigger points and restrictions in your muscles or needing to get away from it all and just deeply relax, let's work together to create the perfect sessions for you!
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